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We here at The Trouble With Normal want to hear your music. Feel free to send your vinyl, CDs or tapes (“for sale” only or at least take the effort to make a cover for them. This goes for CD-R’s also.) to our cramped but we call it home P.O. Box for review. It may take us a while to get to them (we do have to deal with the not so wonderful world of backlog and other obligations not related to the zine), but we will review them in time and guarantee an honest review as we see it (how you take them is up to you). Until then, here are some recordings that just might interest you. Please feel free to read on, get interested, and hope you find something you like. Boone.

AKIMBO - "Navigating the Bronze" LP

I'd been meaning to check this out for a little bit but kept getting myself distracted with my paying job and other things to really listen until now. Akimbo's latest continues the band's history of sonic ferocity with riff laden songs that exist in the no one's land between punk, noise, metal and classic hard (some might say "stoner") rock. They sing of calling wizards to save a failing society, overmuscular guys at malls, King David, and the like in a manner that blurs the line between song and tales. What is indisputable is the pummeling nature of the music which may occasionally veer into a softer texture but pretty much refuses to let up. Akimbo have never been the smoothest band in the universe but for those who get into it there's something here that draws you in and makes you want to go back to it. This album shows Akimbo proving again how the noisier and heavier side of underground rock still can be fresh and interesting. Wow! (BOONE)

(Alternative Tentacles Records. P.O. Box 419092. San Francisco, CA 94141-9092.


It's taken me a while but I've finally managed to carve out the time to really listen to this disc given work, house sitting, dental work, and other obligations. The debut from Blood Vessels is full of energetic driving punk rock songs built on punch in the gut hooks and a rough around the edges barroom swagger. Driven by fiery guitar work and a vibe that definitely owes nods to vintage punk in one form or another, their songs take on Catholicism, dissolving friendships, the frustration of getting older, complacency and the like. Sonically they're going down a fairly familiar path but Blood Vessels have created a rock & roll album that's as solid as granite hroughout. Fans of Social Distortion, mid to late period Black Flag, Bad Religion et al will most likely find something about this band to like sonically with their meat and potatoes take towards punk and punk leaning rock. (BOONE)


D.O.A. - "Punk Rock Singles: 1978-1999" CD

This came out way a while back around the same time we came across the reissue of Bloodied But Unbowed, leaving a lot for us to consider with this band. This comp is basically what the title says it is: a collection of this legendary HC punk band's EPS, singles, and their songs from split singles from this 21 year period. Musically it shows D.O.A.'s evolution from early HC/punk to a more mid tempo leaning fleshed out punk leaning rock. What emerges from this is not just a musical document but tells of how these singles came to be (including their series of instant crisis benefit singles) and the causes the band's advocated over the years. While listeners may vary on which songs they love (some will prefer the early HC songs while some favor the later material), this disc is a great overall look at a band making punk rock history. This is a must have for any fan of real punk and hardcore. (BOONE)

(Sudden Death Records. Cascades P.O. Box 43001. Burnaby, B.C. V5G 3H0 Canada.

THE DOLLYROTS - "Because I’m Awesome" CD

This disc was supposed to come our way when I was writing an article on them for a freelance assignment but arrived a day after the interview was done & life works that way sometimes. The latest from The Dollyrots continues the band's penchant for blending straightforward punk rock edge with gooey vintage style pop hooks built on in your face guitars and an almost innate sense of melody and harmony. Song wise, much of it stays in the personal realm (you know: crushes, frustration, rejection and the like) but sarcastic commentary appears on the title track appears along with "A Desperate S.O.S." examining the political situation finds them willing to go into other areas. A lot has happened in the few months since this has been released but they continue to create music that's catchy and fun as hell. It's not everyone's bottle of sake but those readers amongst us who like having punk occasionally mixed with a sweet sugary center should really enjoy this album. (BOONE)


THE EAT - "It';s Not the Eat It's the Humidity" double CD

I've been listening to this on occasion since I found it but due to other obligations (the paying job, etc; you know what they are) I couldn't really listen to this until now. These two discs compile the complete recorded history of this obscure Florida band covering their three seven inch records, their cassette, and songs from an unreleased album. Musically, the Eat were melodic, sometimes off kilter and eccentric, punk rock with short strange songs that filter relatively clean guitars, relatively fast tempos, and a feel that calls to mind The Minutemen, X, Big Boys and the like. The second disc features live material from several shows (mostly from the early 80s with a few songs from a show in 1996) that shows the band's songs in a more chaotic live atmosphere & a bit rougher around the edges but the rawness adds to the feel of the band. The Eat's records have been hard to find over the years so hearing this shows that their reputation is more than deserved. Good to see something like this available again; kudos to AT for getting this to the people. (BOONE)

(Alternative Tentacles Records. P.O. Box 419092. San Francisco, CA 94141-9092.

K.T.P. - "Rockers" CD

I was going through the backlog pile when I came across this CD and realized I hadn’t checked it out yet; so I put it on. The latest from this Lawrence, KS band is meat and potatoes punk influenced rock with in the pocket tempos and hoarse sounding vocals. Mostly forged on electric guitar chunk and tight hooks, their songs stay mostly in the melodic punk leaning anthems camp though acoustic guitar and hints of a country/folk feel appear on one song. While KTP carry on a fairly well work musical path, their comfortable enough with their influences and roots and have the songcraft to create a rock solid album that most readers of this zine will find listenable. I'm really curious about how K.T.P is like live. (BOONE)


NEW MODEL ARMY - "Live 161203" DVD

Figuring out how to start this review has been harder than I thought so I'll just say I was curious when I heard this existed and finally got a chance to check it out for myself. This DVD is basically a film of a New Model Army show in London in December 2003, covering material ranging from their later more atmospheric art rock later songs to their angry and in your face early material, using a mix of electric and acoustic guitars to drive them. While the sonic flavors may vary (Orchestral keyboards do appear on some of the songs) there is an underlying sense of anger and wonder that threads through NMA's songs and ties them together. Digitally filmed, the picture is exquisite with a clarity and vivid quality that can't be described in woods. Throw in an interview with vocalist/guitarist Justin Sullivan and you have an idea what this DVD is about. It's an nteresting profile of New Model Army of their goth leaning punk based rock and what makes them still tick after this time. (BOONE)


NO CONNECTION - cassette

I picked this up the last time I saw I Object a few months back but due to other things that had to be taken care of in my life, I wasn't able to truly listen to this until now. This band plays straight ahead pop punk in the purest sense of the term, blending catchy hooks with overdriven guitar chunk to create personal songs where potentially gooey melodies mersh with enough edge to remain more in the punk camp than in the bubblegum pop that pop punk unfortunately has become nowadays. Short, sharp and direct No Connection flies out of the gate with a fresh take on a musical subgenre that these days often gets a bad rap and a collection of damn good songs to show for it. A great demo that I hope only hints at things to come for this band. (BOONE)

(136 Ridgewood Dr. Syracuse, NY 13206)

PROPAGANDHI - "Live from Occupied Territory: An Official Bootleg" DVD

I';ve wanted to see this since I first found out about it so when I found it when seeing the band live a while back I had to pick it out. This DVD captures Propagandhi live at a July 2003 benefit concert for Grassy Narrows Brigade and the international Solidarity Movement in their native Winnipeg, Canada. Beginning with a prologue from Chris Hannah and a brief warm-up/intro from alternative comic Eton Harris, the band (then still a trio as second guitarist "The Beaver" hadn't joined yet) quickly took the stage and kicked ass with a collection of incendiary HC punk anthems full of intense guitars and a ton of righteous anger. Shot on several hand held cameras, the visual feel has a side of the stage feeling that leaves a bit of the rough edges and chaotic feel of the show and brings it across to the viewer, adding to the DIY vibe. Thus the band conveys their angry songs about surveillance, homophobia, state control, war, sexism, and more via fast punk rock laced with metal. Also included here are documentaries on the Grassy Narrows Blockade (who are fighting plans for deforestation of an area of indigenous land in Canada) and U.S. media coverage of the Israeli-Palestine conflict, highlighting some of the roots of several of the causes the band sings about. The DVD is a benefit for the Middle East Children's Alliance as well as Grassy Narrows Blockade. I'm damn glad I got this and recommend picking this up if you can. (BOONE)

(G-7 Welcoming Committee Records. P.O. Box 27006. C-360 Main St. Winnipeg, MB. R3C 4T3. Canada.


This has been one of those discs I had in the backlog pile for a long time and wanted to check out but space constraints, work and other parts of my life left me unable to really check this out until now. This full-length from SSLYBY is a collection of low-key pop songs filled to the brim with memorable melodies and vintage flavored guitar hooks that owe an obvious debt to classic pop/rock. As you've probably already figured out, they sing mostly love/personal songs but there's a vibe and energy here that lures the listener in and makes them interested. These guys have been labeled "indie rock" but that's not an entirely accurate description of them. This is one of the best pop/rock albums of the last year and a half or so. I'm glad I finally got to check this out. (BOONE)


VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Moogfest 2006 live" DVD

It's common knowledge that we here at TTWN tend to lean towards the music vulture in terms of what we're into so when we came across this DVD my curiosity was piqued. This documents the annual Moogfest concert honoring electronics pioneer Bob Moog, whose synthesizers have had an impact on a ton of music (this particular moogfest happened shortly after Moog died). Musicians here come from the prog leaning metal world (Jordan Rudess), jazz fusion (Mahavishnu Project, Jan Hammer) funk/R&B (Bernie Worrell), experimental/electronica (Roger O'Donnell) and prog rock legend (Keith Emerson) playing songs influenced by Moog's creations as well as talking about the influence Moog synths had on them. The diversity on this DVD will be loved by some, while others may be put off (yes, there may be some funk fans that might not really dig prog). Whether you're into all this kind of music or just curious, this is an interesting audio/visual primer for those readers interested in not just learning more about music thye might not know much about but to show that a synth can actually be cool after all. Glad to have seen this. (BOONE)