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Here at The Trouble With Normal we remain interested in hearing some of the music that you have been making and recording - and have been since the fall of 1992. Feel free to send your vinyl, CDs or tapes ("for sale" only or at least take the effort to make a cover for them. This goes for CDR's also.) to our cramped but we call it home P.O. Box so we can possibly review it. It may take us a while to get to them (we do have obligations in our lives not related to this zine) but we will review them in time and guarantee an honest review Until the next issue, here are some recordings that just might interest you. Please feel free to read on, get interested, and hope you find something you like. Hope to hear your music soon. Boone.

BIKINI KILL - The Singles LP

Yep, this is a reissue of the singles comp from Riot Grrrl legends Bikini Kill in all its glory. From "New Radio" onward, this revives the original seven inch singles in all their raw punk rock glory with angry lyrics reflecting the misogyny and abusive mentality of the early 90s that spawned this sonic reaction. Crude at times guitars and rhythms that aim to aurally kick your head in are predominant here to reveal that not all of the 90s punk was the increasingly corporate friendly (of not corporate
manufactured) pop punk that would evolve at roughly the same time. Odds are good that many longtime readers may already have the original issue of this in some form (if not the actual singles themselves). However, for those who've lost their copy along the way (or need a backup- just in case) as well as those who had heard of Bikini Kill but wonder what the deal was, you definitely need to snag this in some format. This reissue shows why Bikini Kill's music is still definitely worth it after over 20 years. (BOONE)
(Bikini Kill Records)

COHERENCE - of alternate spaces LP

In the midst of putting this issue together I was online looking for some music and came across this album so I decided to give it a listen. Coherence's debut album blasts out the speakers with a rough edged batch of dissonant punk that draws from indie/noise rock and post hardcore to make its corrosive aural brew. Built on fast to near frenetic tempos and clean/overdriven guitar contrasts, the songs simmer with tension as they tackle various elements of what they see around them, creating an intense, sometimes
confrontational ride as it plays out. Coherence draws from the sonic ground laid out by bands such as Fugazi, Spitboy,
and Unwound (to name a few) but gives it their own twist while delivering it in a manner befitting the subgenre on this album. It's not your typical punk record as we know it but if you're interested in checking out something a little bit different give this a listen and make up your own mind. (BOONE)
(Vinyl available from Get Better Records and A-F Records. Get Better Records. P.O. Box 19267. Philadelphia, PA 19143.
[]. Cassette available from Conditions Records. [])

DRYAD - The Silurian Age cassette EP

I picked this up when I saw the band open up War//Plague back in July. The latest tape from Dryad is crude and raw
blend of black metal and crossover with some elements of grindcore built on somewhat scooped wall of distortion power chord guitars and a rhythm section that gallops over you, taking only occasional moments for the listener to rest. While I'm not certain what the lyrics are about, I
sense a common theme of foreboding regarding things humans don't understand. Presented in a stripped down, unpolished nature, the music shines as it blasts out the speakers and makes you listen. Dryad's music is not for everybody (nor would they ever claim that it is), but readers who have an interest in crossover metal, grind, or the various offshoots of thrash and black metal may find something here that will pique their interest. (BOONE)

GYMSHORTS - Knock Knock LP

It had been a while since I heard anything from Gymshorts so when I found out they had an album coming out I came across a pre-release stream and gave it a listen. The debut album from this RI based foursome throws down the patented snotty garage punk while adding some new twists along the way. Mixing new songs with new versions of a couple of tracks from their previous tapes, the band's raw and crude
punk meets garage rock has been harnessed into a go for the throat sonic attack of rock'n'roll that can be snide at some moments, funny at others but always has crunchy guitars and in your face beats that tackle teen life and wayward youth tropes only to throw them in your face along with the song hooks and raw power chords. In other words it's what you expect from Gymshorts, only sharper and tighter, Odds are you already have this album but if you like raw garage rock meets punk stuff you might want to give this a listen. Kudos to Burger Records and Wallflower Records for co-releasing this album and making it available for the rest of us. (BOONE)
(Vinyl available from: Wallflower Records 2810 Louisiana St. #3. Houston, TX 77006. []. Some vinyl and Cassette available from: Burger Records. 645 State College Blvd. #A. Fullerton, CA 92831. {})


This was a band I was curious about but had never got to see a whole set from them due to work, life situations, and
catching bits of them live at festivals where I was trying to catch bits and pieces of as many artists as I could so when I found out about this EP I decided to do a deep dive
and give it a listen. Honeycreeper's debut EP delivers a batch of driving indie pop meets punk angst with a twinge of garage. Bittersweet clean and dirty but sweet guitar
tones fuel these medium tempo blasts of garage rock and moody introspective indie semi ballads. Mostly personal in nature, these songs hint at longing, joy, and anger as the EP sonically simmers until almost ready to explode. There's something here that lures the listener in and takes them to
unexpected places along the way in these seven tracks. The CD is almost sold out as far as I know (I picked up one of the last copies) but it's still available for download either by itself or along with a canvas patch (for real) and is worth checking the music out. (BOONE)


One of the more unfortunate things about my current situation is having not been able to find out what Little Big Bangs have been up to so when I learned this new album was coming out I searched out a way to stream it. The third full-length from LBB finds the band taking their driving blend of punk angst and alt rock aesthetics into some hook laden songs that focus even more on the melodies as the dissonant guitars aurally cudgel the hooks into place. What arises from this is an oblique examination of personal themes that may be telling more between the lines amidst the strum and drang of the music. Little Big Bangs have always mined the gray area between punk, noise, and the catchy alt rock of their youthful influences and this album shows how it can be used to make something that comes seemingly out of nowhere but seems awfully familiar. Get this CD or cassette(yes, it's available on both formats) and play it for those you know into more mersh forms of alt/modern rock/whatever you want to call it and see their reaction. Need to pick up a copy for myself soon.

STIFF LOVE - Attitudes/Out of Control

I first learned about this band when I was reading an issue of MRR and was curious so when I learned about this single I was curious. Stiff Love throws down some very rough around the edges garage rock with an energy level that borders on punk. "Attitudes" oozes with raw energy thrashing out some power chord punk rage as the band tears through with an ode to standing apart from expectations. "Out of Control" is more garage rock leaning, blasting out the speakers with an attitude and a crude vibe that demands a response. Both songs breeze through in a way that makes it look easy as they mine the grey area between punk and garage rock, emerging with a hook laden sonic clash that is both comfortable and a bit unexpected. Wish I had heard of this band before (I'm curious about their previous EP and the first tape). This single is 4 minutes and 20 seconds of raw rock'n'roll that's rough, a little snide, and a hell of a lot of fun to listen to. (BOONE)
(7" available from: Feel It Records. P.O. Box 25045. Richmond, VA 23260. Download available from

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